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Learn how scientists around the world discovered the joy of discovery.

We are highlighting the stories of how people became excited by science.

Our goals are twofold: 

  • Garner public trust in scientific research.
  • Inspire younger generations to see that early moments of passion for science can fuel long and successful careers.

Across sectors, we aim to elevate the voices of scientists and those in science-adjacent careers including academia, industry, media, government, healthcare, finance, nonprofit, public health, and more.

Many existing efforts in science storytelling concern specific discoveries of new scientific knowledge. By sharing stories of how scientists became passionate about science, we hope to inspire others to think differently about “discovery” and the world around them.

This project is hosted by the Aspen Institute Science & Science Program and supported by Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Daniel GilmerLaunch Lead for PAXLOVID™ at Pfizer

Regarding science as a whole, I would like others to recognize that there is so much still left to discover and that scientific research enables individuals to have an outside positive impact on health at scale.

Bogdan KnezevicCo-Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope

When I was young, my mother was diagnosed with leukemia. I watched her go from a state of intensity and desperation to one of hope and health and happiness because of the scientific advances that were being made in the medical field at that time.

Fatu Badiane MarkeyCancer Biologist at the Rita Allen Foundation

One thing that I would like everyone to know about science is that science is beauty, it is wonder, it is excitement. It’s the story of us and all the different things that exist in this place that we call Earth and how we interact with it.

Science is our passion. hope. future. community.

We’ve partnered with scientists from different locations, backgrounds, sectors, and experiences to showcase the joy of discovery and inspire younger generations to see that early moments of passion for science can fuel long and successful careers.